Our Core Values
"...We’re humbled by their willingness to trust us, and we will never, ever, betray that trust."
A Commitment to Integrity
Our goal is to demonstrate mastery of industry-proven techniques—not to experiment with our client’s time and money. Delta‘s team strongly values commitment to its clients, fair pricing, safety, excellence in execution, and trustworthiness.
"What makes us different from other companies offering geophysics services is our extreme high level of integrity combined with a sincere desire to use our almost uncanny science sense to solve our clients’ issues in the most effective and economical manner possible," says Douglas Sammak. "We care about our clients and will not offer services unless we feel they can benefit from them"
A Commitment to Our Clients
We know what geophysics can do—our clients don’t. And our clients know their problems—we don’t. So the first thing we do is discuss the project’s scope with the client, determine their needs and objectives, and then offer our assessment of what methods will or will not work for this particular project. We really do have a work ethic above and beyond what most people expect.
Delta’s team is vigilant about client and job-site safety, and Douglas, Martin and Matt are keenly aware of their responsibility to the projects their data serves. They know that weeks or months after Delta has left, a client’s work crew will be relying on the accuracy and thoroughness of the results Delta provided. As Matt so aptly states; "This is a business where our clients are forced to put themselves in our hands and rely on our solutions. We’re humbled by their willingness to trust us, and we will never, ever, betray that trust."
According to Douglas, "Our small size, extensive experience and desire to excel make us a difficult competitor. The recent economic climate hasn’t changed us; it just plays to the success of our business model: Help the client. Work hard. Keep low overhead. Give great value."
A Commitment to Science
Douglas Sammak is a strong believer in integrating geophysical and geological data to deliver the most accurate interpretation of subsurface data possible. Martin Young has built a reputation for designing and constructing geophysical field instrumentation, programming processing software, and his remarkable trouble-shooting capabilities during field operations. Matt DiIenno is a persistent individual that is especially adept at delivering good data quality under the most extreme field conditions. Taken together these interests and abilities produce an outstanding product.
It is Martin's opinion that the most significant development in the industry has been the rapid growth of computing capacity available to smaller companies. Tasks that could’ve only been done by large companies can now be performed by small firms in a cost-effective manner. Douglas, Martin and Matt’s technical expertise in computer and data acquisition systems positions Delta to deliver sophisticated solutions in an ever-changing technical environment.
"The continued integration of data systems, sub-meter positioning and processing software leads to more challenges in the operation and interpretation of acquisition systems," says Martin. "Our deep understanding of the hardware and software driving these changes allows us to stay ahead of the competition. We’re continually studying new technologies and the results of their development in peer review, and we adopt new techniques only after they’ve gained sound industry-wide acceptance for repeatability and reliability of data."
Reliance Environmental, Inc.
"Just wanted to provide a quick note on Frank Guld and our survey last week in Garden City. I was very pleased with Frank's work and his professionalism. New information came to light following his survey which confirmed a location for a tank he identified which initially appeared questionable (by its location from the building). Nice job."
Michael Raffoni
Northampton Generating Company, L.P.
"DELTA performed a utilities clearance at our site prior to the drilling of ground water monitoring wells. They were professionals. They listened to our concerns, took their time to do the job right, and explained their findings."
Dan Traynor
Environmental Manager
Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc.
"Thanks for the excellent work at the Broadway Virginia site. The field team had very positive comments about you and your efforts in the field, particularly your adherence to the GES Health and Safety Plan. Your written report was “top quality” and will help GES meet our project goals. We have several GPR projects this month in northern Virginia and either Alyssa or I will be contacting you for further assistance. Thanks again for your great work."
Senior Project Manager
HRG, Inc.
"Responsive, helpful, knowledgeable. Provided reliable results for investigation of USTs at former auto facility."
Environmental Service Group Manager
MEA, Inc. – Environmental Services.
"We are very happy with your services and hope we can continue to use your services when needed."
Senior Engineer
Independence Constructors, Inc.
"Matt— Just wanted to say thanks for the help. Martin was phenomenal. Probably one of the best we have ever worked with. I’m going to pass your name along to one of our big clients. I know they have a lot of GPR done looking for pipes, tanks, etc."
Vice President
HRG, Inc.
"It has been a great experience working with Delta, and I would be pleased to offer a referral. Your field staff was highly professional, early, and very effective, and the project costing including a report is better than competitive. Thank you much."
Morris-Flood Associates, LLC
"Everything went well. Matt did a very thorough, professional job and he was a pleasure to work with. I anticipate doing more. I will contact you and let you know."